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1) Personal Passive

When we put an object of an active sentence into passive, it becomes subject of the passive sentence.

Active voice:
The professor gave the students the books.
The professor gave the books to the students.

Passive voice:
The students were given the books.
The books were given to the students.

We sometimes use a pronoun for "the students" or "the books" in its subject form (here: they).

Passive voice:
They were given the books.
They were given to the students.

We very often leave out the by-agent in the passive sentence (here: by the professor).

2) Impersonal Passive - It is said ...

The phrase It is said ... is an impersonal passive construction. We often use it in news.

Passive sentence - version 1:
It is said that children are afraid of ghosts.

Passive sentence - version 2:
Children are said to be afraid of ghosts.

The correct active sentence would be:
Active sentence: People say that children are afraid of ghosts.

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