Learning English as a foreign language

Agendaweb Hundreds of grammar, vocabulary and listening exercises
EnglishClub.com Free resources for those who learn English or
teach English as a second language.
English as a second language Site for English learners and teachers
English Media Lab ESL interactive Exercises, English Grammar & Vocabulary
Quizzes, Video Slides, pronunciation Exercises, Mp3 podcasts and more
ESL Galaxy ESL lesson plan materials, printable worksheets & Games for Teaching English Skills, Speaking, listening, reading and writing,
Interactive grammar & Vocabulary Exercises for students
ESL Kids Lab ESL Lesson plan materials for Kids, worksheets, English Videos Lessons for children, phonics, coloring, puzzles and more
ESL Teachers Board Free ESL materials, jobs and resumes
Language Directory Links to free online language courses, dictionaries, newspapers, TV and Radio stations and other resources
Sites for Teachers Hundreds of Educational Web Sites rated by Popularity
Vocabulary Games Vocabulary games and activities for beginners (with some help for hispanic speakers)

Links for Teachers

Links by Jürgen Wagner Site for English teachers
Links by Kurt Sester very extensive lists

Other languages


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Learning English
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Changing of the Guard
Golden Gate
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