Synonyms in English – Word list – M – R

Word Synonym
mackintosh waterproof coat
madness insanity
magician conjuror
magistrate Justice of the Peace
to magnify to exaggerate
to maintain to preserve
manmade artifical
mannequin model
material fabric
matters things
maybe perhaps, possibly
in the meantime meanwhile
measure degree
meeting assembly
mendacity lying
merciless cruel
middleman intermediary
midway halfway
to migrate emigrate
mild gentle
to mimic to imitate
mind intellect
mindless senseless
to minimize to play down
to mirror to reflect
to misconceive to misunderstand
miserable depressing
misery distress
misread misinterpret
missing lost
mistrust distrust
mo moment
moderately reasonably
modern contemporary
more and more increasingly
moreover in addition
movie film
murderer assassin
naked bare
nameless anonymous
napkin serviette
to narrate to relate
a narrative a story
a native a local
to near to approach
necessary essential
nightfall dusk
nobility the Aristocracy
to nominate to appoint
non-stop continuous
noon midday
noted famous
to notify to inform
notwithstanding however
nugatory worthless


obdurate stubborn
object thing
obligatory compulsory
oblique indirect
omnipotent all-powerful
obsolete out of date
off-season low season
to operate to function
organic biological
ornament decoration
outside external
to overhaul to overtake
to overlook to miss
overseas abroad
to oversee to supervise
painting portray
paper money notes
particular specific
passable satisfactory
pattern sample
peaceable peaceful
perception insight
phantasm illusion
pocket book notebook
poisonous toxic
possibility opportunity
post-mortem autopsy
practically virtually
praise compliment
precedence priority
precept principle
precis summary
pressing urgent
previous preceding
priority precedence
prompt immediate
prosperous affluent
to provide to supply
provided if
to put sth. back to postpone
to quake to tremble
quite fairly
reasonable fair
to receive to get
refrain chorus
reliable dependable
religious devout
remainder the rest
remark comment
reminiscence memory
remorse regret
remoted isolated
removable detachable
to renew to resume
to renounce to give up
repute reputation
to respond to reply
revolting disgusting
rubbish nonsense
rude impolite
to rue to regret

Ulrike Schroedter contributed to the list.