FAQ – englisch-hilfen.de

You find the main menu on the left. When you click on a category, mostly a submenu will open (like in the example).

From here you can go to a more specific category.

By clicking on Vocabulary Exercises you'll find all exercises listed according to levels, topics and types.

We also included a breadcrumb menu. Here you can go back to more general topics.

When you follow this link, you'll see all explanations and instructions in German.

englisch-hilfen.de is really free. You can use all pages without paying any money.

We do not offer a CD and it is not allowed to use englisch-hilfen offline. We can only offer our free service with the help of advertising.

We are looking forward to receiving information about what we could add to our site. Tell us which exercises you like. A lot of users email proverbs, synonyms, opposites or texts. This helps us to improve englisch-hilfen.de.

You can learn words on the following pages: Sentences. There you will find lots of useful phrases which can easily be substituted.

You can directly go to Vocabulary Exercises from all pages.

If you want to repeat grammar structures you should go to our Grammar section. You find the basic facts of English grammar explained in a simple way. You can directly go to Grammar exercises as well.

If you want to do Online exercises, go to Exercises. Choose a Grammar topic or a special exercise on words.

If you want to paraphrase words, go to Dictionaries. There you can use the Merriam Webster dictionary where you will find explanations and and a Thesaurus.

If you have a special question, use our Board.