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Grammar Terms Topic on englisch-hilfen.de Examples
  • Adjectives
Adjectives Mandy is a careful girl.
  • Adverbs
Adverbs Mandy drives carefully.
  • a/an
  • the
  • Articles
Articles This is a book.
Look at the board.
  • Auxiliaries
Modal Auxiliaries I am playing football.
  • Conditional Perfect Progressive
Conditional Perfect Progressive I would have been working.
  • Conditional Perfect
Conditional Perfect I would have worked.
  • Conditional Progressive
  • Conditional Continuous
Conditional Progressive I would be working.
  • Conditional
  • Conditional Simple
Conditional Simple I would work.
  • Conjunctions
Conjunctions and Fillers I like tea and coffee.
  • Future Perfect
  • Futur II
  • Future Perfect Simple
Future Perfect I will have played football by tomorrow.
  • Future Perfect Progressive
  • Future Perfect Continuous
Future Perfect Progressive I will have been playing football for an hour by 10.30.
  • Future Progressive
  • Future Continuous
Future Progressive I will be playing football next Sunday.
  • Genitive s
  • Apostrophe s
  • Possessive s
Genitive s Ronny's brother
  • Gerund
  • Gerundium
  • -ing form
Gerund I enjoy playing football.
  • going to-future
going to-future I'm going to play football this afternoon.
  • if-clauses
  • Conditional sentences
  • Conditional clauses
Conditional sentences - if If I study, I will pass the test.
If I studied, I would pass the test.
If I had studied, I would have passed the test.
  • Imperative
The Imperative in English Go home!
  • Indirect speech
  • Reported speech
Reported Speech Susan says that she works in an office.
Susan said that she worked in an office.
  • Infinitive
Infinitive Gagarin was the first to fly in a spaceship.
  • Long forms, short (contracted) forms
Langformen, Kurzformen We aren't from London.
  • Modals
  • Modal auxiliaries
Modals You mustn't do that.
  • Nouns
Nouns Your hair looks lovely.
  • Passive voice
Passive voice Cameras are built in Japan.
  • Past Perfect Progressive
  • Past Perfect Continuous
Past Perfect Progressive I had been playing football when Susan came.
  • Past Perfect
  • Past Perfect Simple
  • Simple Past Perfect
Past Perfect I had played football when Susan came.
  • Past Progressive
  • Past Continuous
Past Progressive I was playing football the whole evening.
  • Personal pronouns
Personal pronouns We read a book.
  • Plural
Plural Here are five books.
  • Possessive determiners
  • Possessive pronouns
Possessive pronouns This is my book.
  • Prepositions
Prepositions The books are on the desk.
  • Present Perfect Progressive
  • Present Perfect Continuous
Present Perfect Progressive I have been playing football for 2 hours.
  • Present Perfect
  • Simple Present Perfect
  • Present Perfect (simple form)
Present Perfect I have just played football.
  • Present Progressive
  • Present Continuous
Present Progressive I'm playing football now.
  • Questions with question words
Questions with question words Where are the girls?
When do you watch TV?
  • Question tags
Question tags in English You are John, aren't you?
  • Reflexive pronouns
  • self, each other
Reflexive pronouns They help each other.
  • Relative pronouns
  • who, which, whose, that
Relative pronouns My house, which has a blue door, needs painting.
  • Relative clauses without relative pronoubs
  • Contact clauses
Contact clauses – no relative pronouns This is the boy I met at the party yesterday.
  • Short answers
Short answers Are you English? - Yes, I am.
  • Simple Past
  • Past Simple
Simple Past I played football yesterday.
  • Simple Present
  • Present Simple
Simple Present I play football every week.
  • Singular
Singular/Plural Here is one book.
  • some, any, much, many
  • Quantifiers
Quantifiers There are some apples left.
  • Tenses
Tenses I play football.
I am playing football.
I played football.
I have played football.
I will play football.
  • this, that - these, those
  • Demonstrative pronouns
this, that - these, those This is Pat and that is John.
  • Verbs
Verbs We sing a song.
  • will-future
  • Future I
  • Future Simple
will-future I will play football next week.
  • Word order
Word order They play handball in the gym every Monday.
  • Yes/No questions
  • Questions without question words
Yes/No questions Are you from England?
Do you speak French?