Synonyms in English – Word list – G – L

Word Synonym
garbage rubbish
garbage can trashcan
gay homosexual
to glitter to sparkle
to grab to seize
grasping greedy
gratis free of charge
gratuity tip
gravestone headstone
to grouse to grumble
gut intestine
hall corridor
to hand sth. out to distribute
handsome good-looking
hang-out haunt
happily fortunately
hard tough
hashish cannabis
to hawk to peddle
to hazard to endanger
hearsay rumour
hermetic airtight
highbrow intellectual
hint trace, tip
hole gap
home domestic
homicide murder
housebreaking burglary
hunger starvation
to hurry to rush
hypothesis speculation
idler loafer
if whether
to ignore to disregard
illiberal intolerant
to illuminate to clarify; to light up
to illustrate to demonstrate
to imagine to suppose, to assume
to imitate to mimic
immediate instant
immobile motionless
immoderate excessive
immodest conceited
to impact to affect
impartial neutral
impasse deadlock
impassive emotionless
to impeach to question
impediment obstacle
imperative vital
impolite rude
incidentally by the way
inconsiderate thoughtless
indisputable indeniable
infamous notorious
infantile childish
to infect to contaminate
inflexible rigid
inflow influx
informal casual
infrequent rare
inheritor heir
innocent harmless
insolvent bancrupt
to inspect to examine
instinct intuition
instructions directions
insufferable unbearable
insufficient inadequate
insupportable intolerable
insurgent rebel
intellectual mental
to intend to mean
to intensify to heighten
interplay interaction
inventory stock
invoice bill
to ivolve to entail
isolated loney
jealous envious
joy delight
knowingly deliberately
lacking missing
last final
leading main
to learn to memorize
legitimate valid, lega
lethal deadly
liveable habitable
livid furious
loopy crazy
lousy awful
lucid clear

Ulrike Schroedter contributed to the list.