Synonyms in English – Word list – S – Z

Word Synonym
sacristy vestry
satisfied convinced
scarcity shortage
scrumptious delicious
second moment
to select to choose
selection choice
self-assured confident
signal sign
significant meaningful
silly foolish
sincere honest
skull cranium
soiled dirty
spotlight highlight
stable steady
steady regular
stupid silly
substantially considerably
suggest propose
sundown sunset
sunrise dawn
sure certain
surroundings environment
to survive to outlive
to symbolize to represent
tailored tailor-made
temper mood
terror terrorism
testament testimony
today nowadays
torpid lethargic
touchdown landing
touchy sensitive
to transform to convert
transitory temporary
transparent obvious
trustworthy reliable
twister tornado
twosome pair
ultimate final
uncared for neglected
uncommon unusual
uncooked raw
undeniable indisputable
understandable comprehensible
unforeseen unexpected
unfortunate unlucky
unhurt unharmed
uninjured unhurt
unlawful illegal
unmarried single
unstated unspoken
untimely premature
untrue unfaithful
unusual strange
unvoiced voiceless
uprising rebellion
usually generally,normally
vacancy emptiness
to vacuum to hoover
vague indistinct
vain useless
valueless worthless
to vanquish to conquer
to vary to differ
vast huge
virtue advantage
to visualize to imagine
warranty guarantee
well mannered polite
well timed timely
winery vineyard
to withstand to resist
zenith peak

Ulrike Schroedter contributed to the list.