Opposites in English – Word list – G – L

Word Opposite
general particular, special
generous mean
gentle violent, rough, strict
gentleman lady
giant tiny, very little, small
girl boy
to give to take
to go to come, to stop
good bad
good luck bad luck
grown-up child
guest host
guilty innocent
happiness sadness
happy sad
handsome ugly
hard easy, soft
to harvest to plant
to hate to enjoy, to like, to love
health disease, illness
healthy ill, sick
heat cold
heaven hell
heavy light
hell heaven
here there
high (Berg) deep
high low
hilly flat
to hit to miss
hopeful desperate, hopeless
hopeless hopeful
horizontal vertical
host guest, visitor
hot cold
huge tiny
human (Mensch) animal
humane (menschlich) cruel
humid dry
hungry thirsty
husband wife
in front of back, behind
to ignore to notice
ill healty, well
to immigrate to emigrate
immigration emigration
import export
in out
to include to exclude
to increase to reduce
innocent guilty
inside outside
insult compliment
intelligent silly, stupid
intentional accidental
to be interested in to bore
interesting boring, dull
to interrupt to continue
junior senior
kind cruel
lack abundance, plenty
lady gentleman
to land (Flugzeug) to take off
land water
large small
last first
late early
to laugh to cry
lazy active, busy
to lead to follow
to learn to teach
to leave to arrive, to enter
left right
to lend to borrow
less more
to let to forbid
to lie to stand
life death
light (hell) dark
light (leicht) heavy
to like to hate
liquid solid
little (klein) big, large
little (wenig) much
to live to die
long short
to lose to find, to win
loser winner
loud quiet
to love to hate
lovely terrible
low high
to lower to raise
bad luck good luck
good luck bad luck

Thanks to Alina, Elisabeth and Friedrich.