Opposites in English – Word list – S – Z

Word Opposite
sad happy
sadness happiness
safe dangerous
safety danger
salt sugar
(the) same different, the other
satisfaction regret
to satisfy to annoy
to save to spend, to waste
to scream to whisper
security danger
seldom often
to sell to buy
to send to receive, to save
senior junior
to separate to connect, to unite
serious funny
servant master
to set free to arrest
shallow deep
sharp blunt
shelter exposure
short long, tall
to shout to whisper
to shut to open
sick healthy
silent noisy
silly intelligent
simple complicated
to sink to rise
single married
sister brother
to sit to stand
slim fat
slow fast, quick
small big, large, tall
smooth rough
soft hard, rough
solid liquid
some many
sometimes often
son daughter
soul body
sour sweet
south north
special general, ordinary
spring autumn
to stand to sit
to start to stop
start finish, end, stop
to stop to start, to go
to stand to lie
strange normal
stranger native
strict gentle
strong weak
student teacher
stupid clever, intelligent
suburb centre
to succeed to fail
success failure
to subtract to add
sugar salt
summer winter
sun moon
sunny cloudy, rainy
supporter opponent
to suspect to trust
sweet bitter, sour
synonym antonym
to take to give
to take off to land
tall small, short
to teach to learn
teacher pupil, student
then now
terrible lovely
there here
thick thin
thin thick, fat
thirsty hungry
to throw to catch
tight loose
tiny giant, huge
together apart
tomorrow yesterday
top bottom
total partial
town village
tragedy comedy
true false
to trust to suspect
ugliness beauty
ugly beautiful, handsome (boys), pretty (girls)
under over
to unite to divide, to separate
unity division
up down
upstairs downstairs
urban rural
useful useless
useless useful
vacant occupied
valley mountain
vertical horizontal
victory defeat
village town
violent gentle
visitor host
voluntary compulsory
vowel consonant
war peace
warm cool
to waste to save
water land
weak powerful, strong
wealth poverty
wealthy poor
wedding divorce
well (gesund) ill
west east
wet dry
to whisper to scream, to shout
white black
whole part
wide narrow
wife husband
to win to lose
winner loser
winter summer
to work to rest
woman man
women men
worse better
worst best
wrong correct, right
yes no
yesterday tomorrow
young old

Thanks to Alina, Elisabeth and Friedrich.