Opposites in English – Word list – M – R

Word Opposite
major minor
male female
man woman
many few, some
marriage divorce
married divorced, single
to marry to divorce
master servant
maximum minimum
mean generous
to melt to freeze
men women
to mend to break
mess order
midnight noon
minimum maximum
minor major
to miss (verfehlen) to hit
to miss (verpassen) to catch
moderate extreme
modern ancient, old
monarchy republic
moon sun
more less
morning evening
mountain valley
much little
narrow broad, wide
nasty nice, pleasant
native foreigner, stranger
natural artificial
near distant, far
negative affirmative
nephew niece
never always
new ancient, old
nice awful, nasty
niece nephew
night day
no yes
nobody everybody
noisy quiet, silent
noon midnight
none of al lof
normal strange
north south
not yet already
nothing everything
to notice to ignore
now then
occasionally frequently
occupied vacant
odd (Zahlen) even
off on
often seldom, sometimes
old modern, new, young
on off
open closed, shut
open closed
opponent supporter
order mess
ordinary special
other same
out in
outside inside
outskirts centre
over under
parents children
part whole
partial total
particular general
to pass to fail
past future, present
peace war
to permit to forbid
to plant to harvest
plenty lack
pleasant awful
polite rude
poor rich, wealthy
poverty wealth
powerful weak
presence absence
present past, future
pretty ugly
private public
probably certainly
professional amateur
to protect to attack
protection attack
public private
to pull to push
pupil teacher
to push to pull
question answer
quick slow
quiet loud, noisy
to raise to lower
rainy sunny
rear front
to receive to send
to reduce to increase
to refuse to agree, to accept
regret satisfaction
to remember to forget
to repair to damage
to reply to ask
reply question
republic dictatorship, monarchy
to rest to work
rich poor
right (rechts) left
right (richtig) wrong
to rise to sink
rough (Umgang) gentle
rough (Oberfläche) smooth, soft
rude polite
rural urban

Thanks to Alina, Elisabeth and Friedrich.