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Present Perfect
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Present Perfect - Complex Test 1
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Present Perfect - Use

1) Result of an action in the past is important in the present

I have cleaned my room.

2) Recently completed action

He has just played handball.

3) State beginning in the past and still continuing

We have lived in Canada since 1986.

4) together with lately, recently, yet

I have been to London recently.

Signal words

just, yet, never, already, ever, so far, up to now, recently, since, for


have/has + past participle


Affirmative sentences:

I have cleaned my room.
I've cleaned my room.
You have cleaned your room.
You've cleaned your room.

Negative sentences:

I have not cleaned my room.
I've not cleaned my room.
I haven't cleaned my room.
You have not cleaned your room.
You've not cleaned your room.
You haven't cleaned your room.


In the Present Perfect we put the auxiliary (have or has) before the subject
(Auxiliary - Subject - Verb - Rest). see: Questions in Present Perfect

Have I cleaned my room? Have you cleaned your room?
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