Orders in Business/Commercial English


  • Thank you for your quotation of JUNE 1st 20..
  • We are pleased to place an order with you for 200 MCF computers.
  • Please send us the undermentioned goods.
  • We should be grateful for delivery by 26th September 20..
  • Please quote number 234.559 on all correspondence.
  • Please confirm receipt of the order.
  • Your prices are not competitive enough.
  • We have therefore decided not to place an order with you.
  • Our order no. 100.334 has not yet been delivered.
  • Please submit a quotation for a substitute.
  • We should like to cancel our order no. 778.001.
  • We are pleased to acknowledge your order of 1st July 20..
  • Our dispatch department is processing your order.
  • Delivery will be made by 6th July 20..
  • We will require two weeks to process your order.
  • The goods are no longer in stock/out of stock/no longer available.
  • However, we can offer you a substitute.
  • I am afraid your order has gone missing.

This text was written by Ulrike Schroedter.