Abbreviations in English

abbreviation English
a.m. ante meridiem → before midday
ABC American Broadcasting Company
a/c account
a/c air conditioning
AC alternating current
AD anna domini (latin) → in the Year of the Lord
approx. approximately
Ave. Avenue
BA Bachelor of Arts
British Airways
B.o.T. Board of Trade
B&B (B+B) Bed and Breakfast
BBC British Broadcasting Corporation
BC Before Christ
BCE Before the Common/Current/Christian Era
BO body odour
BR British Rail
Bros. brothers
BST British Summer Time
BT British Telecom
BTA British Tourist Authority
c/o care of
CCTV closed-circuit television
CE Common/Current/Christian Era
CET Central European Time (GMT +1)
cf. confer (latin) → compare
CIA Central Intelligence Agency
CID Criminal Investigation Department
CIF cost, insurance, freight
CNN Cable News Network
COD cash/collection on delivery
C of E Church of England
CST Central Standard Time
CV curriculum vitae
DA district attorney
DC direct current
DIY do-it-yourself
DM Doctor of Medical Ethics
EC European Community
e.g. exempli gratia = for example
encl. enclosed
etc. et cetera
FAQ Frequently Asked Question
fig. figure
ft. feet (= 30,48 cm)
gal. gallon (= 3,785 l)
gallon (= 4,564 l)
GCSE General Certificate of Secondary Education
GMT Greenwich Mean Time
GPS Global Positioning System
HP horsepower
h&c hot and cold
hr hour
HRH Her/His Royal Highness
ht height
i.e. id est (latin) → that is
lb pound (= 453,59 g)
Ltd Limited
MA Master of Arts
mph miles per hour
Mr Mister
Mrs Missis
Ms Miss
NBC National Broadcasting Company
no number
OAP old-age pensioner
OHP overhead projector
p.a. per annum
p.m. post meridiem → after midday
PE physical education
pp pages
PS postscript
pt part
pto please turn over
RC Roman Catholic
Rd road
RE Religious Education
Sq. square
St. street
tbs/tbsp tablespooful
yd yard

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