Future Progressive – Statements and Questions – Exercise

Task No. 4733

Put in the words in brackets into the gaps. Use Future Progressive. Mind the types of the sentences.

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She   more about this topic tomorrow. (to say)


She will be saying more about this topic tomorrow.

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Future Progressive

  1. I for the exam tomorrow evening. (to study)
  2. Where next Sunday? (he/to sleep)
  3. the car tonight? (you/to take)
  4. This time on Saturday, I to Denver. (to drive)
  5. to Canada during the summer vacation? (you/to travel)
  6. their house over the weekend? (they/to renovate)
  7. The athletes for the upcoming marathon. (to train)
  8. in the park this afternoon? (the children/to play)
  9. dinner while we're out? (Anne/to cook)
  10. This time tomorrow Walter tea. (to have)