Future Progressive – Aussagen und Fragen – Übung

Aufgaben-Nr. 4732

Setze die Wörter in den Klammern in die Lücken ein. Benutze das Future Progressive . Beachte, ob du einen Aussagesatz oder einen Fragesatz bilden sollst.

Beispiel aufklappen


She   more about this topic tomorrow. (to say)


She will be saying more about this topic tomorrow.

Brauchst du Hilfe?

Future Progressive

  1. I for the exam tomorrow evening. (to study)
  2. Where next Sunday? (he/to sleep)
  3. the car tonight? (you/to take)
  4. This time on Saturday, I to Denver. (to drive)
  5. to Canada during the summer vacation? (you/to travel)
  6. their house over the weekend? (they/to renovate)
  7. The athletes for the upcoming marathon. (to train)
  8. in the park this afternoon? (the children/to play)
  9. dinner while we're out? (Anne/to cook)
  10. This time tomorrow Walter tea. (to have)