Modals and their substitute forms in the Simple Past and the will-future – Exercise

Task No. 1807

Fill in the correct substitute form for the modal in brackets into the gaps.

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The students   swim in the lake yesterday. (must not)


The students were not allowed to swim in the lake yesterday. oder
The students weren't allowed to swim in the lake yesterday.

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Modals in English Grammar

  1. I do my homework yesterday evening. (must)
  2. You see Ken next week. (can)
  3. We go out last weekend. (may not)
  4. She talk to her boss tomorrow. (must)
  5. They get up early next Monday. (needn't)
  6. My friend get a piercing when he was 14. (may)
  7. David read his essay next Tuesday. (must)
  8. Victoria play tomorrow. (can't)
  9. He come to your party next Saturday. (may)
  10. We use a dictionary during the last test. (must not)