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Ryan Chan I was a student who is terrible in English, after finding this website, my English has improved a lot. I passed my tests and exams in flying colors. Thank you very much!!!
Nahid This online portal is really helpful, I think those people who can't speak English well, they can follow this site, I would like to suggest all that, this team helpers are really helpful to all. I followed many sites & guess that this is the most educative & helpful than any other sites. I'm really surprised that how they make us understand easily. Thank you. Best of luck.
I am a freelance teacher but still needs help for reference. I got this website and it is so helpful to me. Thank you for allowing us to visit freely.
Elmer Thank you for your website…it’s very nice and helpful.
This web site is really helpful for everybody. I hope you continue on your study. Thank you for your effort.
Thank you for sharing a lot of nice info… I know it takes a long time and a lot of knowledge. I would translate it to “Love”, very nicely made ...
Maryem Thank you very much and thank you for your lesson
Carol An excellent website both for students and teachers of English, beautifully laid out and thus easy to use with a great collection of verbs.
I totally love your sight. It is so helpful especially for me a home educator. I live in Zimbabwe.
Chipra For me very helpful.
Fernando I loved this site. Congratulations.
Tukaradam Thanks a lot.
Mr. Amr This is a great site as I found it accidentally however never let me out of it. Simple, interesting , and informative covering every aspect of English language. Simple stated it's a great site.
Mayur Dear sir, your site is really helpful to improve my English. Thanks a lot.
Ahsan Im highly impressed to do your grammar excercise. The page you have made is mindblowing for a student for practising English. Keep it up the way and make new listen as well as other excercises.
Racalmuto, Sicily, Italy
I've found this site really helpful to improve my English. It's really simple and intuitive, unlike most of the websites of English grammar learning(for instance I could not find any website that could explain to me how to write and say dates in English but Great site, I suggest it to any English learner.
I really enjoy using your page, excellent way to learn.
Well designed website and structure of teaching is good. Terima from Indonesia.  
I am Sofia from Georgia. I would like to thank you for creating this blogs. This site helps me to improve my English.
Your website is great!
Thanks so much!
Mahateer Thanks, your exercises are really helpful.
I am Farhan from India.Thank you for creating this useful blogs. I really appreciate it.
My name is Behnam Beheshti, I am from Tehran (Iran), several times I see your site it is greate and helpful, I would like to give you my especial thanks. With the best wishes for you and your work team.
Dorin I'd like to thank you for the site, it's a great job, useful, interesting, challenging, best wishes.
Marie I would like to thank you for your site. Sorry my English is not good. Every day I can read your explanations and do exercices.
Thanks for such a fantastic website! I use it often with my students here in the EAP program at the University of Toronto.
Hello, I'm Djihan Islahiyah from West Borneo, Indonesia. This website is really cool and useful for me to practise my English and help me to facing my school test. Keep spirit to help more people explore English language.
Paul Your website is excellent for English language drilling.
My name is Cristian and I live in Romania, I travel a lot with work around the world.
I want to thank you for the good job that you do on your website, it has been the main English learning resource for me since I started to go abroad.
Concise information, very simple and clear grammar explanations, very useful online exercises.
Thank you again and please keep doing this great work that you do.
I find your website very useful. I fact, I use it a lot with my students thaks for this!
This site is a godsend. I have been trying to help a German friend's daughter with her English because her school has made a real mess of it, changing teachers all the time and never explaining why things in English are the way they are.
Thanks a lot for all your work.
Many thanks for the help you provide in your page.
Eric Great website!! Keep up the good work!!
Habibullah This site is very helpful for new learner like me
Mahadi I like this website.
I'm Tanda from Tanzania. I'm English teacher well an impressed by your website. My student are very pleased by your exercises thanks a lot.
Asuncion, Paraguay
Thank you! This is a wonderful service.
Sudeep This site is super awesome. Thanks !
Vikas We use englisch hilfen website from 3 years, it's very helpful to us and our children.
West Kalimantan
Hi, I come from Indonesia. With this website really helped me in my homework. Thank you.
François Thanks for this fabulous website.
Kudat A useful site for English language teachers.
Your site is very fantastic. It's very applicable and useful. Thanks a lot for your lovely site.
Leena Whoever has made “Hilfen web site contents” I am very grateful as it has been immense help to me to learn English. It is well formed.
Regards, Leena
Oleksandr (Ukraine/Poland) I'm pretty much amazed with what you are doing, so I've just wanted to coin my gratefulness. The site is simple, consistent and well-organised. Your efforts are invaluable.

Kind regards, Oleksandr
A big thank you for your excellent resources! Your materials are very easy to follow and so user friendly. Well done!

Alma from London
Abduhl Hey, I am teacher English to my students level 12 to 15 years of age, really appreciated ur effort, kindly can u add more separte tenses exercises.
Bruna I wish to thank you for your outstanding work. I'm an English teacher. I had already found your website, but I've had a few moments to browse it better only today. I do appreciate it and plan to use it with my students. Compliments and grateful thanks.
Ank Congratulation on an excellent and very useful site.
Cornelis de Jong
The Netherlands
#students & any other interested parties - If you have never heard the word /gründlichkeit/ before, now is your chance to learn: go to English Grammar to discover how an online grammar site can be, well, 'gründlich'.

Thank you for the service.
Cornelis de Jong, Teacher in the Netherlands.
I found as a good source of English language course site, so I may appreciate it for the same.
S. I like using the englisch-hilfen sites with my students so keep up the good work :-)
Clea Sol Tingson This site is awesome.
Svsrao I am very much thankful to you on providing such good online education services...
Duy Quang I really thank you for your useful sites. It helps me a lot with my teaching
I am indonesian who is keen on studying English to thank you that your site very excited, and I have to appreciate, u had given me explanation briefly about grammar and its exercises.
Liquid Flair Thank you so much for all the information on your site! It has proved useful to me time and time again! Wonderful!
Leslie, Sri Lanka I am a teacher of English and ICT in Sri Lanka. I use your site for teaching. My son is very interested in doing exercises. A big thanks for you all for the JOB. Thank you.
Orhan MERİÇ I want to congratulate for
Dharma, Sri Lanka Dear sir, I have seen your weOrhan MERİÇbsite. It really good for self learners. Thank you.
Keith (Blackburn, Lancashire, UK) As TESOL teacher here in the UK I have found your site useful and informative. I can access all that I need for planning effective and interesting lessons in a form that students can grasp easily.
Namig Sharifov
Azerbaijan, Sumgait
Thank you for the good site. Your job is appreciated! I improve my English by using this site. It helped me a lot of time, whenever I need smt, just enter and review. I recomended this site for my friends as well. Thank you very much, keep it up.
Best Regards, Namig
Hi, I am Cristian from Romania and I can tell you that this is the most complex site I have ever found to learn English.

Thank you very much. You are doing a great work.
I am an English teacher and I have used the exercises from your website quite often. Thank you very much.
Just wanted to let you know that the work you do is appreciated.

All the best,
Hi, I'm Angelo from Venezuela. I think this site is excellent for learning english, it's well structured. It have a lot of material and exercices for solving. This is the best site that I have seen until now! I have recommended this site to many friends.
Hola soy Angelo de Venezuela. Pienso que este sitio es excelente para aprender ingles, esta muy bien estructurado. Tiene mucho material y ejercicios para resolver. Es el mejor sitio que he visto hasta ahora!. Ya lo he recomendado a muchos amigos.
Best regards.
Mariana, Bulgaria
Great site! Thank you! I haven't come across in the net clearer and more logically built grammar explanations.|
Adriano Santos, Brazil O melhor site sobre lingua inglesa que eu já ví, parabéns aos idealizadores do site e que continuem sempre inovando! This is the best site that i've ever seen about English language, congratulations to the creaters and a i hope you keep it on so!
Neiwal Pinheiro, Salvador - Brazil Hi, My name is Neiwal. I live in Brazil. I'm very happy with this webpage. It's very interesting and helpful too.
Zoh, Niagara Falls, ON Canada This site is an awesome and quickly learned from these categories of grammars. I am ESL and have an opportunity to practice for FREE!
Neyton, Brazil OLÁ A TODOS!!! Este site é muito bom pra quem está aprendendo o idioma Inglês. Abraços!!!
roselinde, amersfoort I can now study englisch, and it's a good site. so now i hope so that i have a good mark for my test
Edith fernandez, Mexico City I really learn English with this page and I prefer use this page. It is funny thankyou. Realmente he aprendido Inglés a traves de esta página, es divertido. Gracias
Geneviève Schetagne, Berlin Thanks for your website and your very well explained exercises. I'm a private teacher and I just find your website excellent!!!
Szand, Slovakia I'm a beginner teacher and I really find your site very helpful. I find great exercises for my students here and through your tests and brief but clear grammar explanations I can also test myself and revise my knowledge. Good work. Best wishes, Sz
Iris, VS Hello I teach English in adult's further education-and I have to admit..I often use your exercises to polish up the participants' general and grammar knowledge. Congratulations!!
Muriel, Salon-de-Provence (FRANCE) Thanks a lot for this very useful website ! It' very clear, complete and I can improve very easily thanks to you.
Rico, London/Hamburg
Thanks a lot for this great Internetsite, even for me it's very useful to learn english and especially the grammar. Even the tests are very good and giving a good solution and answers. Who ever created this site, I'm very thankful. Yours sincerely Rico
muhammed Ameen Khan, bhopal/India sir i am ameen khan,frequent visitor of the site, it helps me lot to improve my english, this is very good site i really praise the creator of this from bottom of my heart. thanks a lot ,i conveyed and recomended so many freinds about this site
Deepshikha, India The way grammer has been explained in the site is amazing. Easy to understand and comprehend.
carolina, rio de janeiro the best site ever!!!! always saving my classes!!! i wish i could send some of my exercises to u, so i could return the favor :P kisses to u all^^
Dunja, Berlin/Dubai Your English site is really good. I learned a lot about the grammar rules and it helped me a lot to improve my English skills. Thanks :-)
oy-C, São Paulo, //brazil I always use the site for fast training with my students , and they love it.
Sara, London I teach children who are in Care, and a lot of them are asylum seekers who need to learn English. I discovered this website and think it is absolutely brilliant. I realise that to a certain extent the focus is on grammar problems faced specifically by German speakers, but it is extremely helpful nevertheless. Vielen dank!
Arbab Muhammad Ijaz, UAE I new to learn English but with the help of this site now I am able to speak little bit.No doubt The creator of this site done a great job.Now I am able to write these words with help of this site. Many Thanks To
Tabea and Janina, Gartow We like your site very helps us to understand English better,because these are many different interesting features.Thanks!!
José Augusto Beltrão, Natal-RN - Brazil Este site é excelente. Parabéns! Estudo Inglês e estou com um bom aproveitamento. ´Muito obrigado. José Augusto. Natal-Brazil.
Woody, Wommelgem I am from Belgium and this is a very good site to learn for your english.
Vicky Abbott, Bedford Danke
A very good site for my students who come from all over the world, Bangladesh, Lebanon, Poland,India and South America, China.
Vocabulary with pictures is sehr gut.
Mark, York, England You have a pretty impressive site here. Your English is better than many that have been produced by native English speakers. Congratulations and keep up the good work.

Best Wishes, Mark.
Mustafa Saglam, Istanbul/Turkey I am a teacher of English in Turkey. I would like to thank to all people who are responsible for preparing this web-site. I prepare worksheets for my students with the knowledge you upload here. I hope you go on with your studies with such high motivation like this. Thank you all!
Fauna, Tampere, Finland Hello!
I am from finland and I have englishtest tomorrow. I study in High school (first class) and I understand anything about english... But when I came in this page, I found great exercises about passive! THANKS
Sally Bow, Budapest I enjoyed playing with you very much. I will show your pages to my students.

Sally Bow

Odinn Thor, Iceland
Fantastic website you have here,
Glad to put my step on it, I send send you and your visitors my best greetings.
And you are welcome to visit my little website one day.

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Mohammad Salman Al Qodah, Jordan Hello everybody,
I have gone through this site in details. I do think it contains very easily coordinated exercises as far as English grammar is concerned. I recommend those grammar exercises to teach and evaluate children where English is their second landguage. By the way I am a teacher of English, translator and journalist.
Gino, Milano I like the exercises on your site.