Cardinal and ordinal numbers in English – Exercise

Task No. 8261

Use the correct words for the (numbers in brackets). Write the cardinal or ordinal numbers in word forms into the gaps.

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Most animals have   legs. (4)


Most animals have four legs.

  1. I have breakfast at o'clock. (6)
  2. My brother is in the class. (6)
  3. Jamie is years old. (10)
  4. Today is the of April. (10)
  5. It costs only pound. (1)
  6. I am so happy that he won the prize. (1)
  7. It takes hours to get from London to Cairo by air. (5)
  8. It's the day of our holiday in Florida. (5)
  9. He scored goals in games. (3)/(2)
  10. It was his goal in the last games. (3)/(2)