will-future – Statements and Questions – Exercise 3

Task No. 4729

Put in the words in brackets into the gaps. Use will-future. Mind the types of the sentences.

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I think I   it ready by tomorrow. (to have)


I think I will have it ready by tomorrow. or
I think I'll have it ready by tomorrow.

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  1. Doris for her final exams next month. (to study)
  2. When he the English test? (to take)
  3. I my English homework before going to bed tonight. (to finish)
  4. She a language learning app to check her grammar skills. (to use)
  5. What you to improve your English vocabulary? (to do)
  6. It in London next week. (not/to rain)
  7. she for the meeting? (to prepare)
  8. Where Joe the outdoor camp? (to attend)
  9. We a classic English novel next year. (to read)
  10. your brother to a language school abroad? (to go)