Simple Present or Present Progressive/Continuous – Exercise 2

Task No. 4413

Put in the verbs in brackets in Simple Present or Present Progressive.

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Steve always   his bike in the afternoon. (to ride)


Steve always rides his bike in the afternoon.

  1. Andy sometimes comics. (to read)
  2. We never TV in the morning. (to watch)
  3. Listen! Sandy in the bathroom. (to sing)
  4. My sister usually in the kitchen. (to help)
  5. My mother breakfast now. (to make)
  6. They often the bathroom. (to clean)
  7. Look! The boys home. (to come)
  8. Every day his grandfather for a walk. (to go)
  9. I with my friend at the moment. (to chat)
  10. Cats mice. (to eat)