Simple Present or Simple Past – Mixed Exercise

Task No. 4701

Put in the words in brackets into the gaps and use the Simple Present or the Simple Past. Form sentences or questions.

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  the film last Friday? (Zoe/not/to watch)


Didn't Zoe watch the film last Friday?

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Simple Present or Simple Past

  1. I sometimes friends in the afternoon. (to meet)
  2. in the shower? (he/often/to sing)
  3. Lynn and Toby in Glasgow in 2018. (to be)
  4. They T-shirts last Friday. (not/to buy)
  5. She often to school. (to walk)
  6. the desk an hour ago? (Nick/to repair)
  7. She in the garden on Mondays. (not/to work)
  8. coffee every day? (Victoria/to drink)
  9. We our bikes on Sundays. (not/to ride)
  10. Why hamburgers? (they/never/to eat)