Simple Past or Present Perfect – Exercise 4

Task No. 4437

Put in the phrases in brackets into the gaps. Use Simple Past or Present Perfect.

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I   tennis since I   at school. (not/to play – to be)


I have not played tennis since I was at school.

  1. The police two people early this morning. (to arrest)
  2. She to Japan but now she back. (to go - to come)
  3. Dan two tablets this year. (already/to buy)
  4. How many games so far this season? (your team/to win)
  5. the CN Tower when you were staying in Toronto? (you/to visit)
  6. your homework yet? – Yes, I it an hour ago. (you/to do - to finish)
  7. There an accident in High Street, so we have to use King Street to get to your school. (to be)
  8. I Peter since I last Tuesday. (not/to see - to arrive)
  9. Frank his bike last May. So he it for 4 months. (to get - to have)
  10. I'm sorry, I earlier, but I have been working a lot lately. (not/to write)