Tenses in English – Statements an Questions – Mixed Exercise 5

Task No. 4725

Put in the words in brackets in the correct tenses.

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When he arrived at the station, Jack   (already/to leave).


When he arrived the station, Jack had already left.

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English tenses

  1. Tomorrow afternoon I my dentist. (to see)
  2. It the whole morning. (to rain)
  3. The corner shop was no longer open. It down. (to close)
  4. She for her bag for one hour now. (to look)
  5. This time tomorrow I to Vancouver. (to fly)
  6. By the end of next week we the talk. (to prepare)
  7. When they the stadium, the match . (to enter) (already/to begin)
  8. He in this factory for over 10 years. He still works there. (to work)
  9. What at 6 pm next Friday? (you/to do)
  10. She the book by tomorrow evening. (not/to read)