going to-future – Statements – Exercise


Task No. 4223

Put in the verbs in brackets into the gaps and form sentences. Use going to-future.

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She   a present for her mother. (to buy)


She is going to buy a present for her mother. or
She's going to buy a present for her mother.

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Form of the going to-future

  1. He his friend. (to phone)
  2. We a new computer game. (to play)
  3. My sister TV. (to watch)
  4. You a picnic next Tuesday. (to have)
  5. Jane to the office. (to go)
  6. They to the bus stop this afternoon. (to walk)
  7. His brother a letter to his uncle today. (to write)
  8. She her aunt. (to visit)
  9. I my homework after school. (to do)
  10. Sophie and Nick their friends. (to meet)