Sentences and questions in the going to-future – Exercise 2

Task No. 4229

Put in the phrases in brackets into the gaps. Use going to-future. Watch the punctuation and form sentences or questions. Do not forget to put in the subject in the questions.

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  a football for Peter? (they/to buy)


Are they going to buy a football for Peter?

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Form of the going to-future

  1. Tom the books from the library. (to collect)
  2. our plane? (we/to miss)
  3. I in this dirty bed. (not/to sleep)
  4. When the table in the restaurant? (you/to book)
  5. He here any longer. (not/to stay)
  6. the toothbrush? (the man/to steal)
  7. My parents the hall in black and white stripes. (not/to paint)
  8. Why this Sunday? (they/to work)
  9. the table? (you/to lay)
  10. The twins the ball. (not/to throw)