Future Perfect – Statements and Questions – Exercise

Task No. 4731

Put in the words in brackets into the gaps. Use Future Perfect. Mind the types of the sentences.

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  to play the piano by next winter? (she/to learn)


Will she have learned to play the piano by next winter?

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Future Perfect

  1. By next summer, Sarah enough money to go on a dream vacation. (to save)
  2. They the new skyscraper by the end of this year. (not/to complete)
  3. the new smartphone by tomorrow? (she/to buy)
  4. By the time you arrive, we dinner yet. (not/to prepare)
  5. other planets within the next 100 years? (we/to colonize)
  6. The team the championship by the time the season ends. (not/to win)
  7. the essay by Friday? (you/to write)
  8. She by the age of 25. (to graduate)
  9. a manned mission to Mars within the next decade? (they/to launch)
  10. By next week, I reading this book. (to finish)