Future Perfect Progressive – Statements and Questions – Exercise

Task No. 4735

Put in the words in brackets into the gaps. Use Future Perfect Progressive . Mind the types of the sentences.

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In 10 minutes, Nick   for 3 hours.(to wait)


In 10 minutes, Nick will have been waiting for 3 hours.

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Future Perfect Progressive

  1. Jack TV for five hours by the time his father comes. (to watch)
  2. By this time next year, we French for three years. (to study)
  3. By the end of next year, he for nearly 20 years. (to teach)
  4. How long celebrating by the time I arrive? (they/to celebrate)
  5. By 6 o'clock, I for her for two hours. (to wait)
  6. By the end of the summer, they on the project for two months. (to work)
  7. How long by 10 pm? (he/to drive)
  8. By next spring I in this town for five years. (to live)
  9. When they reach the summit, they for the entire day. (to hike)
  10. How long on the phone by 8 o'clock? (she/to talk)