Sentences with be in the will-future – Exercise

Task No. 1817

Use the verb be in the will-future and form affirmative or negative sentences. Mind the example.

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I   home this evening. (affirmative sentence)


I will be home this evening. or
I'll be home this evening.

  1. It cold tonight. (affirmative sentence)
  2. I careful. (affirmative sentence)
  3. Jack at work today. (negative sentence)
  4. They home at 6 o'clock. (affirmative sentence)
  5. She there later. (affirmative sentence)
  6. We here on Sunday. (negative sentence)
  7. The meeting in room 303. (affirmative sentence)
  8. I think my friend in the national team. (affirmative sentence)
  9. The exams difficult. (negative sentence)
  10. He back in the office tomorrow morning. (affirmative sentence)