Reported Speech in different English tenses – Exercise

Task No. 2319

Finish the given sentences in Reported Speech. Mind the introductory sentences and backshift of tenses.

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Henry: "Greg is feeding the dog."
Henry told me (that) Greg  .


Henry told me (that) Greg was feeding the dog.

  1. Tim: "She works in an office."
    Tim said (that) she .
  2. Jessica: "I am going to clean the room."
    Jessica told me (that) she .
  3. Jeff: "They like the song."
    Jeff said (that) they .
  4. Ian and Marvin: "We need new shoes."
    Ian and Marvin remarked (that) they .
  5. Kathy: "He can speak Spanish."
    Kathy told us (that) he .
  6. Teacher: "Rachel has never been to Philadelphia."
    The teacher said (that) Rachel .
  7. Lucy: "The train didn't arrive on time."
    Lucy said to Gerry (that) the train.
  8. Emma: "I'm sitting on the chair."
    Emma said (that) she .
  9. Nick: "Walter doesn't eat meat."
    Nick told us (that) Walter .
  10. Holly: "Abby and Nathan will travel to Alaska."
    Holly remarked (that) Abby and Nathan .