Reported speech – Present Perfect – Sentences – Exercise

Task No. 2335

Finish the sentences using Reported speech. Always change the tense, although it is sometimes not necessary.

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Jeremy, "I have always wanted a dog."
Jeremy said (that)  


Jeremy said (that) he had always wanted a dog.

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Reported speech

  1. Grandma, "Dad has made breakfast."
    Grandma said (that) .
  2. Mia and Zoe, "We have cleaned the kitchen."
    Mia and Zoe said (that) .
  3. Tom, "She has left the house."
    Tom remarked (that) .
  4. Ella, "I have taken great photos."
    Ella told me (that) .
  5. Max, "They haven't written text messages."
    Max said (that) .
  6. Henry, "Lisa has tried skateboarding."
    Henry mentioned (that) .
  7. Anna, "Richard has never touched a snake."
    Anna said (that) .
  8. Lucas, "I haven't seen my brother since 2018."
    Lucas remarked (that) .
  9. Grace, "Ken has fed the pets."
    Grace told me (that) .
  10. Ruby, "Adam has not collected stickers."
    Ruby told me (that) .