Backshift of tenses in Reported speech – Exercise

Task No. 2315

Which is the correct ending of the sentence in Reported speech? Choose from the dropdown menu and mind the tenses of the reporting verbs.

  1. Benjamin: "I often have a big hamburger."
    Benjamin says (that) .
  2. Hannah: "They live in Boston."
    Hannah said (that) .
  3. Tyler: "Ian doesn't invite girls to his parties."
    Tyler told me (that) .
  4. Dominic: "She understands Japanese."
    Dominic remarks (that) .
  5. Sophia: "Bella doesn't collect stickers."
    Sophia explains (that) .
  6. Robert: "Dennis often downloads the latest tunes."
    Robert added (that) .
  7. Olivia: "Leroy is out riding his new waveboard today."
    Olivia explained (that) .
  8. Luke: "I don't know what to do."
    Luke added (that) .
  9. Lily: "Mr Jones is rude to Samantha."
    Lily thinks (that) .
  10. James and David: "We have to go now."
    James and David tell me (that) .