Questions in the going to-future – Exercise 2

Task No. 1361

Put in the verbs in brackets into the gaps. Use the going to-future. Mind the word order in questions.

Show example


  on the wall? (the cat/to sit)


Is the cat going to sit on the wall?

  1. basketball on Friday? (she/to play)
  2. their bikes at the weekend? (the boys/to ride)
  3. the kitchen today? (Paul/to clean)
  4. a new T-shirt on Saturday? (his mother/to buy)
  5. their friends at the station? (they/to meet)
  6. his hamster in the evening? (he/to feed)
  7. your homework in the afternoon? (you/to do)
  8. on the computer at school? (Robert and Martin/to work)
  9. our parents? (we/to help)
  10. Freddie in the lunch break? (Lisa/to text)