Conditional sentences, type II – statements – Exercise

Task No. 2025

Put the verbs in brackets into the gaps. Form a Conditional sentence – type II.

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If I   (to go) to the cinema, I   (to watch) an interesting film.


If I went to the cinema, I would watch an interesting film.

  1. If I (to come) home earlier, I (to prepare) dinner.
  2. If we (to live) in Rome, Francesco (to visit) us.
  3. If Tim and Tom (to be) older, they (to play) in our hockey team.
  4. If he (to be) my friend, I (to invite) him to my birthday party.
  5. If Susan (to study) harder, she (to be) better at school.
  6. If they (to have) enough money, they (to buy) a new car.
  7. If you (to do) a paper round, you (to earn) a little extra money.
  8. If Michael (to get) more pocket money, he (to ask) Doris out for dinner.
  9. If we (to win) the lottery, we (to fly) to San Francisco.
  10. If I (to meet) Brad Pitt, I (to take) a photo with him.