Conditional sentences I – negations – Exercise

Task No. 2013

Put the verbs in brackets into the gaps. Form a Conditional sentence – type I. Only use the will-future in the main clauses. Mind the negations in the sentences.

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If I   (to go) to the café, I   (not/to drink) milk.


If I go to the café, I will not drink milk.

  1. If it (to rain), the children (not/to go) for a walk.
  2. If she (not/to read) the novel, she (not/to pass) the literature test.
  3. If I (not/to argue) with my father, he (to lend) me his motorbike.
  4. If we (to take) the bus, we (not/to arrive) in time.
  5. If Dick (not/to buy) the book, his friends (to be) angry with him.
  6. If Tom (not/to tidy up) his room, Victoria (not/to help) him with the muffins.
  7. If the boys (not/to play) football, the girls (not/to come) to the football pitch.
  8. If you (to eat) too much junk food, you (not/to lose) weight.
  9. If I (not/to make) breakfast tomorrow morning, my girlfriend (not/to love) me anymore.
  10. If they (not/to hurry), they (not/to catch) the train.