Conditional sentences I – mixed – Exercise

Task No. 2015

Put the verbs in brackets into the gaps. Form a Conditional sentence – type I. Only use the will-future in the main clauses. Mind the position of the if-clause.

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Thomas   (not/to catch) the bus if he   (to get up) late.


Thomas will not catch the bus if he gets up late. or
Thomas won't catch the bus if he gets up late.

  1. If you (to dive) into this river, you (to hurt) yourself.
  2. If the sun (to shine), the children (to play) outside.
  3. Richard (to walk) to school if he (to miss) the bus.
  4. Emily (to buy) a Pepsi if you (to pack) the picnic basket.
  5. If I (to be) in Venice, I (to rent) a boat.
  6. Michael's teacher (to phone) his parents if he (to text) in the lesson.
  7. If she (to answer) this question correctly, she (to get) an extra point.
  8. My sister (to be) angry if I (to turn) on the music too loud.
  9. Your room (to look) much tidier if you (to keep) your hamster in the cage.
  10. If we (to surf) the Internet, we (to find) a lot of information about Loch Ness.