Conditional sentences – type I and II, negations – Exercise

Task No. 2041

Put in the verbs in brackets and form Conditional sentences – type I or type II. Mind the negations.

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If Adam spoke Italian, he   (to work) in Italy.


If Adam spoke Italian, he would work in Italy.

  1. If Tracy had a mobile phone, she (to phone) all her friends.
  2. I (to be) very angry with Nick if he forgets my CD again.
  3. If the boys (to win) this match, their coach will invite them to a barbecue.
  4. If you don't read these articles, you (not/to know) the facts about Africa.
  5. You would get very wet if you (to walk) in this rain.
  6. The engine (not/to start) if Ben connected these two cables.
  7. If he has time, he (to buy) her some sweets.
  8. Maria (to play) in the school orchestra if she practised the trumpet more often.
  9. We won't fetch something to drink if Jim (not/to bring) some sandwiches.
  10. If he (to carry) the backpack, I'd pull the suitcase.