Scientific questions in English – Exercise 1

Task No. 5965

Write in the correct answers into to gaps.

  1. Which planet in our solar system appears to have canals?
  2. What is the trade name for the pain-killing drug acetylsalicylic acid?
  3. Which protein, wildly used in foods, is made from the horns, bones and hooves of animals?
  4. What do astronomers call the redness of the sky just before sunrise?
  5. Which element has the chemical symbol Ag?
  6. Over how many degrees of longitude do the imaginary bands across the Earth's surface (time zones) stretch?
  7. Which gas is formed when an hydrogen bomb is detonated?
  8. Where are the Sea of Nectar, the Sea of Showers and the Sea of Clouds?
  9. Which gas causes the bubbles in soda water when the pressure on it is released?
  10. Which ocean has the greatest depth?