Weather report – English– Which sentences are correct? – Exercise

Task No. 7919

Read the sentences and have a look at the two maps, one for the morning and the other one for the afternoon. Decide which sentences are right and which are wrong.

  1. There will be some rain in the Southwest in the afternoon.

  2. The maximum temperature will be around 18 degrees Celsius.

  3. It will rain all day in the Southwest.

  4. There will be a lot of rain in Wales in the morning.

  5. There will be thunderstorms in Wales in the morning.

  6. It will stay dry in the Southeast the whole day.

  7. The temperatures in the afternoon will be higher than in the morning.

  8. The highest temperatures will be reached in Scotland.

  9. It will clear up in Scotland in the afternoon.

  10. The morning will be sunny in all parts of Britain.