'sis or has – Contracted forms – Exercise

Task No. 1779

Decide whether to use is or has instead of 's.

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's – is or has

  1. He's listened to the song. → He listened to the song.
  2. She's reading a comic. → She reading a comic.
  3. It's rained a little. → It rained a little.
  4. She's been here. → She been here.
  5. He's written an e-mail. → He written an e-mail.
  6. She's lost her money. → She lost her money.
  7. It's raining. → It raining
  8. He's cut his finger. → He cut his finger.
  9. That's nice of you. → That nice of you.
  10. Where's Kathy gone? → Where Kathy gone?