Passive – Tenses – Exercise

Task No. 2721

Put in the correct form of the verb in Passive into the gaps. Use the verb and the tense given in brackets.

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Letters   by Peter. (to write → Simple Present)


Letters are written by Peter.

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Passive in English

  1. The words by the teacher today. (to explain - Simple Present)
  2. We a letter the day before yesterday. (to send - Simple Past)
  3. This car . It's too old. (not/to steal - will-future)
  4. This street because of snow. (already/to close - Present Perfect)
  5. A new restaurant next week. (to open - will-future)
  6. He to the party yesterday. (to invite - Simple Past)
  7. The blue box . (can/not/to see - Simple Present)
  8. I the book by my friend last Sunday. (to give - Simple Past)
  9. The dishes by my little brother. (not/to wash - Present Perfect)
  10. I by Robert. (not/to ask - will-future)