Wahlen in den USA – Vokabeln und Beispielsätze

Deutsch Englisch Beispiel
Amtseinführungsrede inaugural address The inaugural address is the statement of the beginning of a political administration.
Amtsenthebungsverfahren impeachment Clinton's impeachment was over before it began.
an einer Wahl teilnehmen to contest election In every southern state the Democrats contested elections.
Anhänger supporter He was a Kennedy supporter.
berechtigt eligible The elections process is provided to all eligible citizens.
besiegen to defeat In 2000 Bush defeated Gore.
Botschaft embassy In Slovakia you can find the embassy of the USA in Bratislava.
Botschafter ambassador Ronald Weise is the ambassador of the USA in Slovakia.
Bürger citizen She's a citizen of the USA.
das politische Geschehen the political process The political process has reached a critical phase.
Debatte debate There's a debate about the political development.
Delegierter delegate Delegates are to be elected.
eine Stimme abgeben to cast a vote They cast a vote for the first time.
föderalistisch federal What are federal regulations?
Fortschritt progress The government has made progress in controlling mismanagement.
Gipfel(treffen) summit The Genoa G8 summit was held in July.
jemanden unterstützen to support so. They support the two-party system.
Kampagne campaign He took a campaign tour of West Michigan last week.
Kandidat/in candidate The party has put up a candidate .
kanditieren to run Bill Clinton ran a second time in 1996.
Mehrheit majority She is elected by a majority of two hundred votes.
Meinungsumfrage opinion poll They've organised an opinion poll.
Minderheit minority Most of the ethnic minorities did not have a written language.
Nationalverammlung national convention The candidate is formally nominated at the national convention.
nominieren to nominate
öffentliches Amt public office Cleveland's motto was: "a public office is a public trust".
Parlamentswahlen general election The General Election took place on 15th October 1964.
Parteimitglied party member Many local party members are optimistic about the campaign.
Parteivorsitzender party leader The election of the new party leader was connected with a number of scandals.
Politik politics I told her I was going into politics.
Politiker politician Politicians are our servants not our masters.
politisches Ziel policy We talked about the policy on education.
Präsidentschaftskandidat presidential candidate The Presidential candidate that gets more than half of the votes wins the election.
Rede speech He made the announcement in a speech on the radio.
Regierung government, the Administration The first White House Web Site was developed during the Clinton Administration.
Regierungspartei party in government He led the party in government from 1994 to 1997 .
Stimmrecht, Wahlrecht suffrage The Fifth Amendment aimed to protect black suffrage.
Vorschriften regulations This guide covers the rules and regulations.
Vorwahl (in 3 Stufen) caucus Caucuses are held in New Mexico and North Dakota.
Vorwahl (meistens für Parteimitglieder) primary Primaries are held in South Carolina, Arizona, Missouri, Delaware and Oklahoma.
Vorwahl (nur für Parteimitglieder) closed (semi-closed) primary 3 States presently have blanket primaries, while an additional 21 States have open primaries and 8 States have semi-closed primaries.
Vorwahl (offen auch für Nichtparteimitglieder) open primary
Vorwahl (Wahlmöglichkeit für beide Parteien) blanket primary
Wahl election Any person qualified to vote may run for election.
Wahlbeteiligung turnout There was an article about the poor turnout for elections.
wählen to vote They have the right to vote.
Wähler voter Now the voters can decide.
Wählerschaft electorate Only 60% of the electorate voted in the last election.
Wählerverzeichnis electoral register In the USA election in 2000, many voters were removed from the electoral register in Florida.
Wahlmänner electors The electors can vote for any person at all and are not bound to their party.
Wahlsystem electoral system Can you explain how the electoral system really works?
Wahlversammlung, um den Präsidenten und Vizepräsidenten zu wählen the Electoral College The electoral college plays a huge role in the election process.
Zweiparteiensystem two-party system The two-party system is often criticised.