Phrasal verbs – N – Z

Phrasal verbs und Prepositional verbs im Englischen N – Z

Phrasal verb Phrasal verb in einem Satz Deutsch
nail up (1) Please nail this picture up. (1) annageln
(2) Who nailed up the door? I can't get out. (2) vernageln, zunageln
open up They opened up the border a few weeks ago. aufmachen
order in(to) The officer ordered me in. hereinrufen
pass away/on Her uncle passed away last summer. sterben
pass out (1) Don't drink until you pass out. (1) bewusstlos werden
(2) Please can you pass these handouts out to everyone? (2) (to) verteilen
pay off The time I spent in this project didn't pay off. sich auszahlen, sich bezahlt machen
pick up (1) Relax. I will pick her up from school. (1) abholen
(2) Help me pick up this guy from the sidewalk, will you? (2) hochheben
(3) The storm picked up about midnight. (3) wachsen, zunehmen
(4) I picked up a little French while I was in Quebec. (4) aufnehmen, aufschnappen
pile up Exams are piling up on my desk. sich anhäufen, sich stapeln
plan out They met and planned out their strategy. ausführlich planen
play along The guy with the guitar came in and played along. mitspielen
point out That's exactly what I pointed out earlier. aufzeigen, darlegen, hinweisen
pop up I don't know where he's going to pop up next. auftauchen
power up Okay, let's power up the engine and get going. einschalten, hochfahren
pull in(to) A stranger just pulled into our driveway. fahren in, parken
pull up He reached down and pulled her up. heraufziehen
put across to How can I best put this across to them? vermitteln, verständlich machen
put on (1) Don't put your brother on. (1) auf den Arm nehmen
(2) Don't you have some clothes to put on? (2) anziehen
put off (until) Can't you just put this off until tomorrow? aufschieben, verschieben
put together We put a team together on very short notice. zusammenstellen
put up with I just don't know why I even put up with you. ertragen
quiet down (1) Try to quiet him down. (1) leiser machen
(2) Ask him to quiet down. (2) leiser sein
rattle off She rattled off the long list of names. herunterleiern
reach out I reached out, but there was nothing I could get hold of. ausstrecken
read over / through Please read this text over and tell me what is about. durchlesen
rely (up)on Can we rely on you in this case? sich verlassen auf
ride out Things are rough around here, but I think I can ride it out. überstehen
rub away I used that towel to rub away the dirt on my shoes. abreiben
rule on When will the court rule on your decision? in einer Sache entscheiden
run away The cat ran away from me. davonlaufen, weglaufen
run down The car's battery ran down. den Geist aufgeben
run off This allows rainwater to run off. abfließen, ablaufen
run off with The kidnappers ran off with her little daughter. abhauen mit
run over (1) He ran over his neighbour's cat. (1) überfahren
(2) I ran over the time allotted for the presentation. (2) überschreiten
run out of I'm afraid we ran out of milk and cookies. ausgehen
rush in(to) Don't rush into this job. hereinstürzen
save up I'm saving up money for a new car. sparen
see through (1) I knew what he was up to, because I saw through him. (1) durchschauen
(2) I'll see this project through. (2) begleiten, betreuen
sell out (to) (1) He refused to sell out to a large corporation. (1) ausverkaufen
(2) He shouldn't have sold out to them. (2) verkaufen, verraten
send away for I had to send away for a new part. anfordern
send for He sent for his secretary. holen lassen, kommen lassen
send over (to) She sent me over to her office. jemanden anweisen zu gehen
set up (for) I will set up a meeting for next week. arrangieren
settle down (1) One day they will settle down in a small cabin in the mountains. (1) sich niederlassen
(2) Will you please settle down and relax? (2) beruhigen
share together We shared a room together in college. teilen
shoot up Jane shot up just after she turned thirteen. in die Höhe schießen
show off Stop showing off. angeben, prahlen
sign in Did you remember to sign in? sich eintragen
sign up for Did you remember to sign up for the class? sich anmelden zu
sit around Don't just sit around. Do something! rumsitzen
sit down Please, sit down and relax. sich hinsetzen, sich setzen
sit in on You guys mind if I sit in on your discussion? dabei sein bei
sit out I'm not playing. I better sit out this time. aussetzen
sit up (1) I sat up and read a book. (1) sich aufrichten
(2) I wouldn't get such terrible backaches if I sat up properly. (2) aufrecht sitzen, gerade sitzen
sleep in I slept in this morning. ausschlafen
slim down You have slimmed down a lot since last spring break. abnehmen
slip up You must not slip up again. einen Fehler begehen/machen
slow down You're going to fast. Please slow down. abbremsen, langsamer fahren
smash into The car smashed into the side of a bus. einschlagen in
sober up Some coffee definitely won't sober them up. ausnüchtern
sort itself out Things will sort itself out by the end of the month. sich einpendeln
speak up Please speak up. I nearly can't hear you. lauter sprechen
speak up for You can speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves. sich einsetzen für
split up We had to split the class up into two classes. aufteilen, trennen
spread out He told them to spread out and continue their search. (sich) ausbreiten
stand around Don't stand around. Get busy! herumstehen
stand by Stand by while I search for another song. sich bereithalten, warten
stand in (for) Sam is sick. Can you stand in for him? einspringen
stand up She stood up and looked across the room. aufstehen, sich erheben
start over Sorry, I guess I messed this up, so can I start over? noch einmal von vorne beginnen
start up Start your car up and let's go. in Betrieb nehmen, starten
stay over Can my friend stay over, please? übernachten
steal away She stole away while he was refilling her coffee. sich davonschleichen, sich wegschleichen
step aside Step aside, please. You're in my way. beiseite treten, zur Seite treten
stick together We must stick together. zusammenhalten
stop by Please stop by before you go on vacation. vorbeischauen
stop over We stopped over in Chicago for two nights. übernachten
storm in(to) He stormed into the room, shouting and yelling. hineinstürmen
storm out (of) He got angry and stormed out of the meeting. herausstürmen
straighten out (1) We have to straighten this mess out. (1) in Ordnung bringen, korrigieren
(2) They straightened out the line of people. (2) glätten
strip down The doctor told me to strip down for the examination. sich ausziehen
stumble (upon) I just stumbled upon her. zufällig finden/treffen
sum up Can you sum up the arguments of this essay? zusammenfassen
swell up I bumped my ankle and it swelled up. anschwellen
switch off I forgot to switch the TV off before I went to bed. ausmachen, ausschalten
switch on Can someone switch the light on, please? anmachen, einschalten
take away The police took her daughter away. fortschaffen, wegnehmen
take apart Don't take my TV apart. auseinandernehmen
take off (1) When does your plane take off? (1) abfliegen, abheben
(2) Sorry, I have to take off now. (2) aufbrechen
(3) Take your coat off, please. (3) ablegen, ausziehen
take over If you take over, you will be in charge. an die Macht kommen, übernehmen
talk back (to) Don't ever talk back to her. widersprechen
talk out Let's just talk this matter out. ausdiskutieren
team up (with) I don't want to team up with him. zusammenarbeiten, sich zusammentun
tear off (of) She tore the label off the bottle. abreißen
tell off I should have told him off. ausschimpfen
tell on I'm going to call your father and tell on you. melden, verpfeifen, verraten
think back (to) Try and think back to the morning of June 5. zurückdenken an
think over I needed a few minutes to think it over. überdenken, überlegen
think through First, let me think this through and I'll call you tomorrow first in the morning. gründlich durchdenken, gründlich nachdenken
think of I quickly had to think of something. sich einfallen lassen
think up I'll think something up. sich ausdenken, erfinden
throw up I was so nauseous I almost threw up. sich erbrechen, sich übergeben
tidy away Please tidy your stuff away. wegräumen
tidy up Your room looks like a pig sty. You better tidy it up now. aufräumen, in Ordnung bringen
trick into He tried to trick her into doing it his way. durch einen Trick bringen zu
try out Let's try out this candy store. ausprobieren, versuchen
turn around/about The car turned around and went the other way. kehrtmachen, umdrehen
turn down (1) He turned his collar down, when he entered her house. (1) nach unten biegen, umklappen
(2) Turn the music down a little, will you? (2) leiser stellen
(3) Our proposal was turned down. (3) ablehnen
turn in I need some sleep. I'm going to turn in now. ins Bett gehen
turn in(to) Turn in for some gas. einbiegen, einlenken
turn off Could you please turn the radio off? abstellen, auschalten
turn on Don't forget to turn on the lights when the sun goes down. einschalten
turn up (1) Turn your cuffs up, please. (1) hochkrempeln, umkrempeln
(2) Something always turns up. (2) passieren, geschehen
(3) Apparently, new evidence has turned up. (3) auftauchen
use up You can use it up. I have more of it. aufbrauchen, verbrauchen
wake up Wake up! We have to hit the road. aufwachen
walk off They didn't even say good-bye. They just walked off. abhauen
walk out (on) My sister walked out on Fred because she was fed up with him. sitzen lassen, verlassen
watch over Can you watch over the kids while we're gone. wachen über
watch out (for) Watch out for the snakes in the bushes. aufpassen, vorsichtig sein
wear out After weeks of learning for this stupid test, I'm worn out. ermüden, erschöpfen
wipe off (of) Don't use your sleeve to wipe the ice cream off of your hand. wegwischen
work out (1) Everything will work out in the end. (1) Erfolg haben, klappen
(2) She needs to work out more often. (2) trainieren
work over They really worked him over. verdreschen
wrap up Wrap up the presents quickly. einpacken
write away for I wrote away for a book on poetry. schriftlich anfordern
yell out The pain caused me to yell out. aufschreien
zip up I had better zip my jacket up. den Reißverschluß zuziehen

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