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Phrase Example
acid rain Acid rain is very harmful to the environment.
aerosol, spray Aerosol sprays are the worst cause of pollution in the home.
to affect This area was affected by the flood.
to ail The huge trees had been ailing for years before they were cut down.
atmosphere The Earth's atmosphere is a thin layer of gases that surrounds the Earth.
to be aware I think my neighbour isn't aware of polluting the environment.
balance Nature's balance might be disturbed.
biodegradable All our products are biodegradable.

What about an evening stroll to look at the biodiversity in our park?

biosphere The biosphere is the part of the earth's atmosphere and surface in which animals and plants can live.
carbon Carbon is a chemical substance contained in all plants and animals.
carbon dioxide The concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is low.
carbon monoxide Carbon monoxide is emitted by cars.
catalytic converter Since 1993 catalytic converters have been compulsory in Britain.
catastrophe The Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund (FHCF) was created in November 1993.
to chop down Poor people often chop down trees for firewood.
climate The Mediterranean climate is good for growing citrus fruits.
coastal waters Many bays and coastal waters have been contaminated with heavy metals.
cooling agent Cooling agents are expensive.
to combat There should be stricter laws to combat air pollution.
to contaminate The soil has been contaminated.
creature Is there a sea creature or not?
death of the forests The death of the forests is a big problem in Europe.
to destroy The house was completely destroyed by fire.
destruction The use of renewable sources could stop the destruction of the rainforests.
detergent Try to use detergents that are perfume free.
to die out Animals are dying out far more often than you might think.
to diminish The people try to diminish the pollution of the water.
dirt The dirt has been removed from the ground.
to disappear Many species disappeared in the last century.
disaster The recent earthquake in India is a disaster.
disposal Unfortunately, less people know of the disposal of hazardous waste.
drought Drought had ruined the crops year after year.
to dry up, to parch During the long time of drought many rivers have dried up/parched.
to dump Old washing machines have been dumped near the beach.
dumping ground City canals are often used as dumping grounds.
dust Do not inhale the dust, it's dangerous.
earthquake On April 18, 1906, shortly after 5:00 am, a great earthquake struck San Francisco.
ecology Oil pollution could damage the ecology of the costs.
ecosystem Jordan appealed for assistance to
help save the ecosystem of the Dead Sea, whose water level is dropping.
emission The organization calls for stricter controls on emissions.
to emit Sulphur gases were emitted by the spewing volcano.
endangered The sea turtle is an endangered species.
energy conservation Energy conservation is a process of saving energy.
energy source Space energy is one of the energy sources of the future.
energy-efficient Energy-efficient windows help to lower your heating costs.
environment We must protect the environment.
environmentalist Environmentalists are people who love the natural world.
to erode It took about 67,000 years to erode the Grand Canyon.
erosion Wind and water are the main agents of soil erosion.
evolution The introduction of cloned plants will effect evolution.
exhaust fumes Over the past month officers have been stopping vehicles in Manchester to test exhaust fumes.
to be exposed to You risk skin cancer if you are often exposed to strong sunlight.
extinct Hawaii is home to a great many extinct species.
factory farming Is factory farming a way of animal abuse?
famine The Irish Famine of 1846-50 took as many as a million lives from hunger and disease.
fertile Fertile land is land where things grow easily.
fertilizer Fertilizers are chemicals given to plants with the intention of promoting growth.
fume Workers are exposed to fumes from asphalt.
fumes The lava gives off clouds of toxic fumes as it flows into the Pacific Ocean.
geothermal The first geothermal power station was built in Landrella, Italy.
global warming They started a campaign to slow down the process of global warming.
greenhouse effect The greenhouse effect is the rise in temperature caused by gases in the atmosphere.
hardest hit Our town was hardest hit by last year's earthquake.
to harm Pollution can harm animals and the environment.
to be harmful Air pollution is harmful to everyone.
heat wave Slow down and avoid strenuous activity if a heat wave is happening.
heavy metal Less heavy metal has been introduced by air into the Baltic Sea since the 1990s.
hydrocarbon Various hydrocarbons have been found in Jupiter's atmosphere.
industrial waste Industrial waste can contain small amounts of radioactive materials.
insulation Often glass fibre is used as roof insulation.
to leak Oil leaked out of the tank.
to load The owners of the local factories are loaded with new environmental laws.

Ulrike Schroedter compiled to the list.

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