Sentences and questions with can and must

Modals - Explanations

1) can

affirmative sentences with can
I can play football.
You can sing.
My sister can read.
We can speak English.
They can write the words.

negative sentences with can
I cannot play football. or
I can't play football.
You cannot sing. or
You can't sing.
My sister cannot read. or
My sister can't read.
We cannot speak English. or
We can't speak English.
They cannot write the words. or
They can't write the words.

Questions with can
Can I go to the cinema?
Can your budgie talk?
Can he play the trumpet?
Can they spell their names?

2) must

affirmative sentences with must
I must do my homework.
My sister must wash the dishes.
We must ask Frank.
They must make their beds.

negative sentences with must
I must not go outside. or
I mustn't play outside.
You must not sing. or
You mustn't sing.
He must not watch TV. or
He mustn't watch TV.
Tim and Alex must not open the window. or
Tim and Alex mustn't open the window

Questions with must
Must I help in the garden?
Must you go?
Must she sing in the bathroom?
Must we watch this film?
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