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The comparison of adverbs in English

There are three forms:

- positive
- comparative
- superlative

A - Comparison with -er/-est

hard - harder - (the) hardest

We use -er/-est with the following adverbs:

1) all adverbs with one syllable

positive comparative superlative
fast faster fastest
high higher highest

1) the adverb early

positive comparative superlative
early earlier earliest

B - Comparison with more - most

adverbs ending on -ly
(except: early)

positive comparative superlative
carefully more carefully (the) most carefully

C - Irregular adverbs

positive comparative superlative
well better best
badly worse worst
much more most
little less least
far farther

In informal English some adverbs are used without -ly (e.g. cheap, loud, quick).
There are two forms of comparison possible, depending on the form of the adverb:
cheaply - more cheaply - most cheaply
cheap - cheaper - cheapest

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