if-Sätze – Typ II gemischte Übung mit Verneinungen

Aufgaben-Nr. 2030

Schreibe die in Klammern stehenden Verbformen so in die Lücken ein, dass ein if-Satz – Typ II entsteht. Beachte dass der if-Satz nicht immer am Anfang steht.

Beispiel aufklappen


Thomas   (not/to buy) a new car if he   (to win) 10,000 euros.


Thomas would not buy a new car if he won 10,000 euros. oder
Thomas wouldn't buy a new car if he won 10,000 euros.

  1. If I (to meet) Richard, I (to tell) him about our new office.
  2. If the steak (not/to be) so hot, we (to eat) it.
  3. What (you/to do) if it (to rain)?
  4. He (to help) me if he (can).
  5. If Andrew (to prepare) the meal, I (not/to come) for dinner.
  6. My father (not/to be) angry with me if I (to come) home early.
  7. We (not/to have) a pet if we (to live) in a flat.
  8. If he (can/to speak) French, he (to get) the job in Marseille.
  9. If you (to take) the 7:40 flight, you (must/not/to change) at Heathrow.
  10. I (not/to stay) long if Gerry (to sing) at the party.