Ph D Position

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Ph D Position

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Dear friends,
I am new here and I don not know where is "new topic" key to make a new topic. :( :(
The following letter is my phd cover letter. I am not sure if it is OK or not. And I am worrying about my writing English. So it will be very helpful if some friends could correct some mistakes in it.
I will appreciate it very much.

Dear Dr. xyz,

I would like to express my interest in the Ph.D. position, zzzzz, which is announced on your web page, I hereby extend my application for the position in the kkkkkk program of zzzzzzz.
I am a graduate student of Soft Condensed Matter Physics from xyz, completed my M.S. after which I have been working as a master student in the complex fluid lab, department of physics since September 2014.
Over these years, I have also completed my research in condensed matter physics from yyyyy, as a researcher, which has helped me in acquiring deep knowledge in computational physics and I am motivated to explore my experiences and skills further down the career line. My education is a major base for my merits in physics, considering the fact that it has helped me to acquire a great deal of knowledge in various fields of physics such as soft matter physics, fluid mechanics, statistical physics and computational physics. While I was studying in xyz and yyyyy, I was engaged in the study for various experimental, computational and theoretical insights of condensed matter physics such as developing computational models and experimental methods, developing theories based on physical experiments, and devising a method to apply the laws of physics to different sectors of industries in research laboratories. Furthermore, I am familiar with different types of equipment relating to the study and research for Soft Matter, such as Complex Fluids, Biological Colloids, Pattern Formation, Crystal, and Laplacian Growth, Viscous Fingering, Wetting Phenomena and Elastic Deformations.
Upon being given an opportunity to work with your group, I make a pledge to apply my technical experiences and skills coupled with necessary transferable skills in order to help your group achieve the scientific purposes, thereby contributing to zzzzz's improvement. According to my documents, interests, and incentives with an ability to work hard and match with your requirements for the mentioned position, I do believe that I will succeed in progressing for my purposes, and I am enthusiastically applying to the Ph.D. program in the field of soft matter Physics in order to continue this way.
Please find attached my CV, where I have prepared detailed information about my professional experience along with my contact details. If you wish to contact me in order to discuss my application in details, then you may feel free to contact me anytime during the week.
I hope you consider my application agreeably and provide me with an opportunity to search out my skills while contributing to zzzzzz's improvement.
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Re: Ph D Position

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