Forum Rules - ENGLISH

Bitte vor dem Posten lesen.
Please read before posting.
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Forum Rules - ENGLISH

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Please pay attention to our forum rules.

1. The official languages in our forum are standard German, and British or American English. Please do not write in dialect or slang. Please always review your posts for potential spelling mistakes and grammatical mistakes before posting. Please pay attention to the proper use of upper and lower case. Make sure that you phrase your posts in a way that is easily understandable to others.

2. Please use a reasonable headline, without the use of upper case letters, or the unnecessary accumulation of punctuation marks, exclamation marks etc. Please write in a clearly laid out manner and review your article using the "preview" button in order to remove all unnecessary punctuation and lines.

3. We do not offer a translation service, and we are not doing your homework for you. Please always provide us with your own suggestions and attempts. Write your posts in good time, be patient and do not reply to your own posts with "why is nobody helping me?" or the like.

4. Please do not use the PM or email function to ask other members for material, corrections or similar.

5. In this forum, we do not correct course papers, presentations or other lengthy texts.
- Due to time limitations, such extensive projects can't be corrected.
- Teachers expect you to do such projects independently and check online whether corrections on your work have been made using the internet.

6. Discussion are always welcome
Not permitted are however:
- vulgarities, attacks, insults and spamming
- vulgar, bawdy, nasty, provoking and racist contributions as well as discussions about illegal topics
- adverts and the offering of and searching for chargeable services
- contributions affected by copyright, e.g. song texts, scans, ...
- the appraisal and recommendation of products
- cross posts (i.e. the posting of the same article on various forums)

7. We also ask to keep the linking to other grammar site to a minimum as most topics are explained in our Grammar Section.

8. Please do not add private data into your posts, use your profile. Please also state your first language in your profile.

9. Posts that do not adhere to our forum rules will be removed if need be, and the user will be barred where required.

10. Responsibility for the accuracy of the information given in or by the content of the forum can and will not be taken. We do not assume liability for damages caused by the use of the contents of the Website.