Simple Past or Past Progressive - Exercise 1

Explanation: Simple Past or Past Progressive

Put in the verbs in brackets in Simple Past or Past Progressive into the gaps.

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1) While I , the school bus . (to text) (to arrive)
2) Cindy her leg while she . (to break) (to snowboard)
3) He to the radio while he breakfast. (to listen) (to prepare)
4) My father at 70 km/h when a policeman him. (to drive) (to stop)
5) The girl that the boy her. (to notice) (to watch)
6) My dad the ladder while he the carport. (to fall off) (to paint)
7) While we , we crossword puzzles. (to wait) (to do)
8) Nick sick while he in Texas. (to become) (to travel)
9) What when you about 9/11? (to do) (to hear)
10) She said that she happy, so I to her. (not/to feel) (to talk)


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