Negation of English sentences in Simple Past - Exercise 3

Explanation: Simple Past

Negate the first sentence in each task. Write the negative verb forms (sometimes with a preposition) from the first sentences into the gaps.

You can use long or short (contracted) forms of the auxiliaries.

Toggle example

1) Peter woke up at seven. - Peter at seven.
2) The children ran home. - The children home.
3) I forgot to take the book with me. - I to take the book with me.
4) We turned off the computer. - We the computer.
5) My friend looked after the baby. - My friend the baby.
6) Anne dropped a bottle of cola. - Anne a bottle of cola.
7) The boys jumped into the water. - The boys into the water.
8) He finished his homework. - He his homework.
9) They brushed their teeth. - They their teeth.
10) The lady sent invitation cards. - The lady invitation cards.


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